Friday, September 18, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum

It's sad that one of the greatest sources, comic books, for video games rarely deliver as they should. The problem may be that people have in their mind how a superhero should act and respond.  Well in Batman Arkham Asylum Eidos got it right.  In this game you get the feel of what it is like to be and fight as the black bat himself.

The story starts out as  Batman is taking Joker back to Arkham and when he gets there he finds out it's all a setup.  Joker has planned the whole deal and now Batman must fight many of his worst enimes.

Through the rest of Batman's visit to Arkham he is tracking down the Joker and having to battle with his worst enemies.  From Scarecrow to Killer Croc Batman has a lot to deal with.

This is an A title game in the voice acting, graphics, and game play, everything flows together nicely.  Most of the combat controls are one button but it never feels "dumbed down".  The nice thing is unlike other games this one forces you to fight like Batman.  You want to run into a room with armed goons to fight and you will die quickly.

Very early in the game you figure out how to sneak around to take guys out.  One of the things I enjoyed most was dropping in behind someone, taking him out without making a sound and then disappearing back into the rafters.

This game is a must rent and a possible buy.  It will take you about twelve hours to play through and you should end up with about 550 achievement points.  The language is very little but there are about five to six curse words total in the twelve hours but none of the big ones.

Bottom line on this game is it's a must play through so go pick up a copy today and enjoy running around as the big black bat.

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