Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up the Video Game

Most of the "kids" movie games I've played are way to hard for the kids to actually play.  Up gets it right.  The game has built in helpers to know what you are suppose to do and who has to do it.  If playing in coop this game teaches teamwork.  Both characters have certain things they can do that the other one can't do.    Carl (the old man) can pull Russell up with his cane while Russell can climb over small ledges.  In the game there is a head of the character that you need to use to get past that part of the game.  This is great since most people playing this game would be younger players.   There are some challenging parts but for the most part this is just a fun game to play with your kids or for achievement points.  I really enjoyed playing it with my 10 year old and she didn't seem to get stuck or have many problems when playing with her sister.

Overall the story is done pretty well and the game play is great for who it was intended.  This game is a must rent for either those who like to play games with their kids or those who want some achievement points.  The games is about five or six hours long and you should be able to get about 700 points out of it in one play through or all 1000 if you pay close attention.  We ended up with 620 for just playing through it and not worrying about achievements.

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