Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ghostbusters the Video Game

AOne of the first movies I remember going to when I was little was Ghostbusters.  To this day it is still one of my favorite movies.  So you can imagine when I heard the game was coming out and it was written by original writers I was geeked for it.  I then got to question how good the game would be because of several publishers dropping the project.  Well let me tell you those publishers made a mistake, this is one really good game.

The story of this game goes along with both of the Ghosterbusters movies and in fact it was written like the third Ghostbusters movie.  So the story is solid.  The gameplay also works very well.  Never during playing this game did I feel like something was corky or out of place. The little things like putting your health bar on your proton pack is a nice touch and this game does several small things like that. The game does an excellent job of making you feel like you are one of the Ghostbusters.

The single player will take about eight hours to play through and you will get between 400 and 600 on one play through, with just playing the game and not trying to get achievements.  The achievements are also well named to fit the Ghostbusters history.

Then there is the multiplayer.  The multiplayer has about six different modes from survior (think horde) to slime Slimmer (see who can catch the most ghosts.)  The multiplayer is a blast to play with your friends but you may have a hard time finding someone to play with in a couple of months.

Overall this is a must rent and a possible buy.  I don't really remember any bad language or gore.  However there are some times that it gets a little intense or scary for younger players.  But I would say pick this game up and start busting some ghost.

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