Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wanted Weapons of Fate Cheat

wanted_28-08-08_06After playing through Wanted once I was reading about a glitch that lets you turn the cheats on and still get the achievements. Since I had played through on the medium difficulty I decided to try it out on the killer level. Sure enough it works. Here's what you have to do. After beating the game turn the on the cheats. Cheats are binary code that you can find in the movie or I will list some of them below. After turning them on select a chapter and play through until a save point. Then exit out of the game and start a new game. The cheats will show that they are turned off but they are still in effect and you get the achievements. The two cheats I've been using is unlimited adrenaline (which gives the ability to bend bullets or slide in slow motion) and one shot one kill. I enjoyed the game the first time though and now I'm just having fun trying to kill everyone with curved bullets. Have fun.

* 01010111 - Airplane Bodyguard
* 01110100 - Cinematic Mode
* 01100101 - Close Combat Mode
* 01010100 - Cross
* 01001100 - Health Improvement
* 01101101 - Unlimited Adrenaline
* 01101111 - Infinite Ammo
* 01000100 - Janice
* 01110010 - One Shot One Kill
* 01100001 - Special Suit
* 01001111 - Super Weapons
* 01000011 - Wesley
* 01100111 - Headshot Mode
* 01110100 - Adrenaline Rush Mode

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