Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

In a time when most movie games are junk, we have started not to expect anything from them.  With that lowering of the bar I was really surprised with Wanted: Weapons of Fate.  While the cut scenes didn't look as sharp as they should of on a 360 the game play worked just fine.  This game was entertaining and  fun to play.  It also added a couple of things I haven't seen in other games that made it interesting.  One of those features was (like in the movie) the ability to curve bullets.  To do this you simply hit a bumper button and then used the right analog stick to pick a path for the bullet to travel.  If you were going to hit the target the line would be grey and if you were to miss it was red.  This was very handy in shooting guys who where in cover.  The other was the ability while sliding from cover to cover to go into slow motion, thus making it easier to shoot bad guys.

Other than those two things the game play was pretty standard but still fun.  The one down side was like the movie the use of the F word was almost too much.  Not only that word but any cuss word you could think of was in the game and not only in the game but used to describe difficulty levels and different chapters.

Overall I would say this game is worth playing through and it should only take you about 4 to 5 hours to complete and playing through once on Assassin (medium) level should give you about 400 achievement points.  However due to how short the game is, it should only be a rent and not a buy.

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