Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More rumors about the PSP 2

psp2-concept2Rumors about a new PSP have been flying around for awhile.  Now the rumor is that it will be on shelves before Christmas.  I for one am really excited about this.  I love my PSP and if they changed just a couple of details it could be a really great handheld system.  I'm sure it will but if the new PSP doesn't have two sticks then they might as well not make it.  Most gamers know that is one thing that is sorely missing for the PSP now.  The other thing that I really want is a flip screen that protects the screen much like the DS.  To me that is one big advantage the DS has over the PSP right now, is that I can put it in my pocket and not worry about scratching the screen.  There are also rumors that it will have some touch screen abilities.  Hopefully we know more by E3 but until then we will just have to listen to more rumors and hope.

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