Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eat Lead The Return of Matt Hazzard

Do you like spoof movies?  If so then you're going to love Eat Lead.  Eat Lead is a game making fun of other video games.  From corny catch lines to tutorials nothing is safe from this game.  Right in the beginning you get a good idea of what kinda of game this is in the tutorial.  Hazzard makes several funny remarks like "Great now they are going to show my how to shoot a gun, like I've never done that before."  As you play through there are many good laughs to be had.  The game play is pretty good and the story line is funny and I would say well written.  Yeah it's corky but it's written to be that way.  One play through on medium will give you about 800 achievement points.  This game is a rent but I would highly recommend playing it.

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