Saturday, March 7, 2009

Backlog Game 1 Force Unleashed

backlogSo the first game I got off of my back log list was Star Wars Force Unleashed.  I finished this game last week and overall it was pretty fun.  To me the cut scenes were really nice and the story was good.  The fighting and the controls were not bad.  I did have a couple of problems with the game.  First the camera had several issues.  One is that sometimes it was way to close and you couldn't see who you were fighting or anything around you.  This didn't happen that much and wasn't a deal breaker.  The other one was by choice of the developers and that was in boss battles the camera would not longer be classic third person view (over the shoulder) and instead would pan out.  The problem with this is that if you got to the back of the room it was very hard to see your guy and make the right moves. 

Overall this game was enjoyable and worth playing through but it is a rent not a buy.   Although I enjoyed the story and playing through it I have no desire to play it again.  Well one game down 16 more to go.

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