Tuesday, March 31, 2009

50 Cent Blood in the Sand

After the first 50 cent game nobody would blame you for skipping on the second one.  As I was playing it I got several messages asking why I was wasting my time with this game.  The answer was it's kinda fun.  This game is pretty simple and straight forward.  It doesn't do anything that other games have done before and the story line is weak.  With all that said the game play is entertaining.  If you've ever played Army of Two this game is very similar.  You play as 50 cent or one of his sidekicks as you try to track down a diamond filled skull.

Since this is a 50 cent game you should be prepared for this but there is tons of cuss words  in this game.  The game should take you less than 8 hours to finish and one play through on medium should get you about 500 achievement points.  More points is you play through as one of 50 cents posse.  This game is worth a rent but is not a buy.

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