Thursday, March 12, 2009

#5 Pearl Jam

TC-37698-MainIconThis week we welcome Eddie (SOG Fireproof) back as he becomes a full time member of the crew.  We also talk more about Killzone 2, Call of Duty 4, and Dez has found his game of the year.



  1. Decent episode. Dez I know what you mean when you say you watch a movie and afterwards are not sure about how you feel about it till you start thinking about it. I AM LEGAND come to mind.

    Jodi's Fireproof explination was not very good. The Dad DOES NOT get in Kurt's face. LOL. It's quite the oposite, Kurt kind of jums down his Dad's troat. LOL.

    I didn't understand the point of recording two seperate reviews of the same game, playing them, and then talking about the same game again for like another 10 minutes. LOL. I'm sure there was a point to doing it, maybe you just forgot to explain it.

    Overall it was a pretty good episode, keep impoving!!

    It was The Running Man. Blade Runner stared Harrison Ford and was a movie noted for how ahead of its time it was. You guys crack me up!!