Monday, February 9, 2009

Playing old NES and Atari games on my DS

r4I haven’t ever been into modding or unlocking any of my systems but I just modded my DS and having a blast with it.  I started to do this because I heard about it on another podcast and thought it would be cool to have all my DS games on one disc and not have to carry more than one disc with me.  That was only the beginning though.  Today I found out that by downloading a free portal I can now play Atari and NES roms.  So I’ve been having a blast playing some games that I haven’t played in 20 years.  Now my DS has gone from something that I use to play with my kids to something I will carry around with me.  I’ve also seen that you can play SNES games on the DS as well but I haven’t found the file I need yet to do it.

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